ConBody VHX Subscriptions

This prison s**t is coming straight to your crib. The ConBody prison style workout is now available wherever you are. All of your excuses just won't cut it anymore. With a kickass mix of plyometrics, calisthenics, and cardio you'll get the best of the ConBody experience on your own time.

  • Core Training


    The Core-Cardio combo you've been craving! High-intensity interval training that maximizes your after burn, while focusing movements on toning and strengthening your core and back. It's the original ConBody workout!

  • Arm Day


    Finally, an upper body workout you can get behind! Toss your at home equipment to the side, this calisthenic workout will do the trick. Tone and strengthen your arms, chest, and back. Prison style bootcamp you can do in your kitchen, on the roof, or around the corner in front of a bodega. No equi...

  • Leg Day


    Talk about #SquatGoals. With our plyometric bodyweight training, you'll tone and strengthen your lower body, all while getting your heart rate way up. The perfect at home high-intensity interval training, straight from our Prison Bootcamp in the Lower East Side.